Cherry Blossom Cake Decorations

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Cherry Blossoms Cake Decorations
cherry blossoms
cherry blossoms

Order our cherry blossom cake decorations -- shipping nationwide!!

Order our cherry blossom wedding cake decorations, and turn a simple cake into an elegant work of art. chocolate cupcakes with cherry blossom decorations To create the look shown on our cherry blossom cake design cherry blossom cake, pipe brown or black frosting "branches" on cake sides and attach blossoms and buds to stem ends as shown,using dabs of stiff, fresh frosting to secure -- No wires needed!

Ordering: There is no expiration with these cake decorations. They will keep indefinitely if stored properly. Availability and price are subject to change without notice. Early ordering is recommended, as supplies may at times be limited.

Storage: Store at comfortable room temperature. Protect from light, humidity, and pests. Do not refrigerate or freeze.

All of our cake decorations are made by hand in our licensed bake shop and are available exclusively through our website.

Due to the nature of our products, all sales are final -- no returns.

* Generally, these items are for decorative purposes and are NOT intended as a food. Unless otherwise stated, some designs may contain wires or other inedible parts.

** We package our edible cake decorations with great care and rarely have any problems with breakage. Unlike many other online companies selling and shipping edible cake decorations, we stand behind our products until they are safely in your hands. Due to the delicate nature of this product, however, we do ask that you be reasonable in your expectations and understand that minor breakage or chipping of one or two pieces does not render an entire package unusable.