Wedding Cake Flowers and Decorations

Edible decorations for wedding cakes and more!

Our edible cake decorations* are safer than some real flowers!

Want to use colorful hydrangeas on your wedding cake? Careful! Did you know they can be toxic if eaten? One big advantage of our wedding cake decorations over real flowers is that you do not risk contaminating your beautiful cake with pesticides that may have been used on fresh flowers. Some real flowers (though beautiful) are naturally toxic and should not be placed on cakes. With our edible cake flowers, you do not have to worry about exposing your wedding guests to chemicals or toxins that may be associated with some fresh wedding cake flowers.

*What does edible mean?

For the sake of safety and simplicity, I try, whenever possible, to design my flowers and decorations so that they are "wireless" and completely edible. Please note, however, that some items, for the sake of realism, require the use of wires or inedible stamens. If in doubt, please ask. I am happy to address any concerns you may have!